Company Profile

Company Profile

Weihai Westrong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Weihai City, a beautiful coastal city suitable for human habitation and entrepreneurship.The company is located in Weihai Torch Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, which is a business park integrating R&D cluster, innovation incubator, entrepreneurship acceleration base and innovation and entrepreneurship support system.
Main products of the company: craniocerebral drainage device, lumbar cistern, negative pressure drainage, ventricular drainage, intracranial pressure monitoring, craniocerebral drainage set, drainage tube, craniocerebral drill, craniocerebral cone and other craniocerebral puncture and positioning products.
The company's founding members of the team more than 10 years have been engaged in medical equipment product design, development, production, sales and mold processing and manufacturing, experience with domestic well-known medical device companies, have strict hl-tech corporation medical device quality system requirements and strong research and development ability, they have a strong team spirit of cooperation and innovation, achievement sharing ideas,Committed to providing customers with high quality medical equipment products, fast service!
The philosophy of Westrong Medical is that we need to be strong in the face of illness.
"Facing illness however we strong"
The company has obtained 1 national invention patent and 5 utility model patents for medical devices, and has carried out two-way cooperation with colleges, hospitals and medical manufacturers all over the country.Company in 2017 was rated as high-tech enterprises, has hundreds of 800 - grade purification workshop workshop by medical equipment inspection and testing center of shandong province certificate, research and development and production of plastic for medical use and silica gel products, equipped with imported Japanese electric injection molding equipment, the ultrasonic welding equipment, cutting-edge machine, medical blister packing machine, independent researc

The company currently develops and produces medical devices, silicon plastic molds, instruments, and medical device design and technical consulting.

The company's main business: external craniocerebral drainage device, lumbar cistern, negative pressure drainage and other neuroendosurgical drainage puncture positioning products and irrigation suction products.

l 6821 Intracranial pressure monitor, intensive care consumables

Multi-parameter brain monitor, intracranial pressure measurement and drainage system, intracranial pressure transducer, pressure suit, intracranial pressure control measuring instrument

l 6866 Neurosurgery drainage consumables

Extracranial brain drainage set, extracorporeal drainage system, lumbar cistern external drainage device, outdoor cerebral drainage device, surgical drainage device, negative pressure drainage set, cranial drill, cranial cone, electric drill

l 6866 general surgical consumables

Urodynamics, bladder and intra-abdominal pressure measurement system, temperature-measuring catheter, pulse flushing suction, nasal feeding tube

l 6877 intervention supplies

Central venous catheter, floating catheter, bipolar temporary pacing catheter

With its strong R & D capabilities, the company has established a number of partnerships with the well-known domestic company Shandong Weigao Group, and cooperated with many domestic hospitals and major medical manufacturers to develop neuroendosurgery / brain surgery drainage series products and puncture positioning series products. Surgical irrigation and drainage consumables and instruments.

A number of patents of the company have been co-transformed with various enterprises and obtained the authorization of agency sales and technical support from the manufacturer.

We sincerely invite pharmaceutical / medical device / commerce companies at all levels across the country to work together to develop markets around the world, collaborate with angels in white and create a better future!