Medical isolation ey
Medical isolation eye mask

Name:Medical isolation eye mask


【Product NameMedical isolation eye mask 



It usually consists of a protective cover made of polymer materials and a fixing device. Non-sterile ,for single use only.

【Registered Enterprise/Manufacture Enterprise】

Weihai Westrong Medic Co., Ltd.

【Company Domicile/Manufacture AddNO.10-8 Futian Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China

【Contact Information】Tel86-631-5659873  

【After-sale service】Weihai Westrong Medic Co., Ltd.

【Intended Use】

Used in medical institutions to check treatment for protection,

Block the spatter of bodily fluids or blood splashes.

【Contraindications】Those who are allergic to raw materials are contraindicated.


1.For single use only.

2. Validity for 2 years, use before expiry.


【Delivery and Storage】

1. Keep away from corrosive gas. Protect from moisture in a

ventilated place.

2.Do not step on. Keep dry. Keep away from heat.

3.Treatment with medical waste after use.

【Direction for Use】

Open package to take out the medical isolation eye mask, no installation needed, directly to wear.

【Maintenance】Not Applicable.

【Validity】Two Years After Manufacture Date.

【Manufacturing Date、Expiry dateLot Number】See the package.


1. Warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident, mishandling and improper safe keeping or otherwise.

2. Please offer product type, lot number when consulting quality issues with our after-sale service center.