Protective Clothing
Disposable Protective Clothing

Name:Disposable Protective Clothing


Instructions For Use

【Product Name】Disposable Protective Clothing


【Features】Disposable protective clothing

PP nonwoven  with PE film,body coverall design,constructed with hoodie upper body and lower body,elsteci tape inside cuff opening,pant hem (ankle) and hood opening for better protection,elastc tape arond waist for better fitting.

【Registered Enterprise/Manufacture Enterprise】

【Technical StandardEN 14126:2003/AC:2004

【Product Performance】sterile or Non-sterile , no stimulation to skin

【Intended Use】

It is used for occupational protective clothing worn by medical staff in medical institutions. To prevent the transmission of viruses from patients to medical staff through air or liquid.

【Contraindications】Those who are allergic to raw  s are contraindicated.


1.Do not use if packing is damaged.

2.Disposable product, continuous use 4-6 hours to the maximum. Discard after using.

3.Sterile Validity for 2 years, use before expiry.

4.No flame retardance Keep away from fire.

5.Sterile Product.

【Delivery and Storage】

1. Keep away from corrosive gas. Protect from moisture in a

ventilated place.

2.Do not step on. Keep dry. Keep away from heat.

【Direction for Use】

1. Before using, check the sterile expiry date,package intact, and accessories completeness.

2.Do harmless treatment against the medical waste in compliance with the Regulations for Medical Waste Management.

3. Choose the suitable product type for better protection effect.

4.Follow proper procedure in putting on the protective clothing, including washing hands with soap and water

before wearing, putting on the bottom parts first, then upper body, safety shoes or shoe covers and hood, zipping up, closing the central front zipper flap, putting on other protective products, wearing protective gloves as the last step.

5.Follow proper procedure in removing and disposing of the protective clothing, including removing the protective clothing in safe area, removing protective gloves first, washing hands with soap and water , wearing the gloves then, removing other protective products, zipping down, pulling up the hood off head, removing the sleeves/upper,body/bottom part/shoes. Not touching the outside of the protective clothing, rolling from top to bottom while taking off, making sure toxic side to be rolled inside, discarding the whole suits together with shoe cover and work shoe inside the specified container, washing hands with soap and water as the last step.

【Maintenance】Not Applicable.

【Validity】Two Years After Manufacture Date.

【Manufacturing Date、Expiry date、Batch Number】See the package.


1. Warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident,mishandling and improper safe keeping or  otherwise.

2. Please offer product type, batch number,and sterilization lot number when consulting qulaity issues with our after-sale service center.