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Six major trends in the future development of domestic IVD

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In addition to the relatively well-known new industries, Antu, Mindray, Kemei, etc., domestic luminescence products such as Jiangsu Zecheng, Changguang Huayi, and Sichuan Mike also have a rising trend to catch up with the front-line team.
1. Chemical beaming platform

In addition to the relatively well-known new industries, Antu, Mindray, Kemei, etc., domestic luminescence products such as Jiangsu Zecheng, Changguang Huayi, and Sichuan Mike also have a rising trend to catch up with the front-line team.

In addition, some late-starting companies such as Beijing Wantai, Leadman, Beijing Huaketai, and Shanghai Lanyi have basically launched products and have relatively complete projects. However, from the perspective of projects, the projects of these manufacturers are concentrated on infectious diseases, swelling, nail function, hormones, etc., and there are still fewer manufacturers with unique and special projects. Among them, the hypertension project is still the most comprehensive in Antu. Many manufacturers have a liver fiber project, making this project fiercely competitive.

In addition, the bone metabolism project has become a hot spot, among which Vin D is sought after, and 2016 should be the year when Vin D broke out. If all companies can make bone metabolism combination as comprehensive as Roche, this project should be a weapon for domestic light to overcome imported light.

2. POCT platform

The rise of the POCT brand gives participants a feeling that they can't avoid it wherever they go. In addition to veteran POCT manufacturers such as Guangzhou Wanfu, Nanjing Key Egg, Beijing Rejing, Ningbo Meikang, etc., there are also many companies that have recently entered the POCT industry, such as Henan Meikai, Xiamen Baotai, Shenzhen Ruilai, Shenzhen National Games and so on.

POCT projects are still focused on emergency projects (CRP, PCT, etc.), cardiovascular and cerebrovascular projects (Tn-I, BNP, etc.), diabetes (GLU, H and AC). There are also some chronic diseases such as kidney disease (CYC-C, mALB) Etc.) Oncology projects (AFP, CEA, etc.).

Many new projects have also been added. Hot projects include glycated albumin (GA), neutrophil gelatinase-related lipocalin (NGAL), pepsinogen I / II (PGI / II), etc. The development direction of POCT should tend to the acute test items and convenient specialty items for quick examination.

3. Biochemical reagents

Most projects are already made in China. Domestic reagent manufacturers are also relatively stable, such as A-share listed companies: Sichuan Mike, Beijing Jiuqiang, Beijing Leadman, Changchun Dirui, Shanghai Kehua, etc.

The performance of Guosheng Chemical's reagents in this meeting is mainly reflected in the promotion of new projects. Some of these manufacturers have made giant posters for new projects, such as SAA, Lp-PLA2, C1q, etc. of Ipnocon.

4. Molecular Diagnostic Project

There are also some new brands, but due to the higher threshold of molecular diagnostic technology, it is still mainly based on imported products. Moreover, molecular diagnostic projects are relatively concentrated, new projects are too biased, and there are few specimen-based projects.

Therefore, molecular diagnosis is currently difficult to become a revenue-generating project, but it is indispensable for the construction and development of laboratory departments. For the majority of IVD dealers, this product is worthy of attention, but it will not have a good profit in the short term.

5. Elisa reagent

Due to technical limitations, full automation cannot be achieved, and there are many projects that can be tested using chemiluminescence methods due to various factors, so the market share is getting smaller and smaller.

There are also few exhibitors at this exhibition. However, Elisa still has some markets in projects that are not available on platforms such as biochemistry, luminescence, and POCT.

For our customers, we can consider using Elisa reagents when there are no restrictions on project charges or other platforms. In addition, for special projects that are not available on other platforms, such as the ST-2 project, which has clinical needs, consider using Elisa.

6. Others

There are not many new products such as microbiology and clinical inspection projects such as blood cells and urine machines. However, Shenzhen Dimai has been in the blood analyzer market in just a few years, gained market attention, and received A-share listed company Ningbo US Kang's 40 million yuan injection.

In particular, their blood routine and CRP joint detection technology is also the only three companies in the country that have the technology and products. It is worth the attention of the majority of IVD dealers in this field, and there are already many automatic stool analyzer brands with Chinese characteristics that can become A major feature of this meeting. However, due to the price problem in various places, the fecal analyzer has difficulty in project promotion.